Instant memories

Lauren Rodriguez, Writer/Student Life Editor

In the quad on Wed., Feb. 12 and 13, Mrs. Cordova’s Advanced Photo class sold polaroids for three dollars, during A and B lunch, to fundraise for miscellaneous photography expenses.

Advanced Photo members took turns shooting instant photographs against a tan back-drop with Valentine’s Day themed props, such as poster sized red and pink hearts. Students posed for their instant picture with their significant other or friends in honor of the holiday.

Senior Laura Medina, an Advanced Photo student and photographer for day one of the fundraiser, thought the instant pictures were a fun and cute way to raise money for the class. The fundraiser profits will be used to buy new backdrops, lenses, cameras and other equipment.

“The art classes don’t get much funds,” Medina said. “Every year I’ve had an art class, teachers have to pay out of their own pockets or students have to donate.”

The idea to fundraise by selling photographs was pitched by a former student of Mrs. Cordova. While having a class discussion less than three weeks before Valentine’s Day, the students decided on instant photography because of its instant print and small wallet size.

Senior Wendy Arredondo was thrilled when she found out about the polaroid photo shoot going on at lunch. After hearing about the fundraiser, Arredondo gathered friends together to capture memorable wallet sized moments.

“I was so excited when I heard about the Advanced Photo class taking instant pictures because I’ve been wanting to buy a polaroid camera myself,” Arredondo said. “The  pictures always come out so cute and it’s so cool how they’re instantly in your hand.”

Senior Christopher Antonio purchased a polaroid on day two of the fundraiser. Antonio posed with his best friend, senior Cristina Lee-Castro, for their instant photo.

“I like how the picture came out, but I didn’t like how the setting was facing the quad,” Antonio said. “It was awkward doing funny poses in front of the whole school.”

Mrs. Cordova’s Advanced Photography class will be holding more fundraisers involving polaroid pictures in the future. The photographers are satisfied with the outcome of the event and look forward to future fundraisers.