Rivalry through the ages

Amanda Garcia

The rivalry between the Downey Vikings and the Warren Bears has been going on as long as can be remembered. Hanging teddy bears at Downey and dragging ducks at Warren symbolize the seriousness of our rivalry. Whether it was who could beat who at what sport, this non-stop fight to see who the greatest school is will never cease to exist. And why should it? Downey was here first.

According to some alumni the rivalry has changed a bit,

“The rivalry was more intense back then,” said Paul Jimenez, “ One year we filled their brand new football field with shaving cream, shampoo, toilet paper and spray painted their bear.”

Of course the warren bears would not just sit around and let the Vikes do this,

“I remember I came to school one day and our entire pool was filled with rubber ducks,” said Frank Molina, a former 2006 student.

“I think this rivalry is a good thing, it propels our school to reach our highest potential,” said teacher Mrs. Meade.

As Downey residents, the Downey Vs. Warren week has become a custom to our everyday lives and will never grow dull.

“I think it’s a great way to get kids into school spirit. Since Warren is nearby, it’s easy to get everyone rooting for their own team,” said ASB member Elena Ortiz.

Alumni, teachers and people from the community are the ones who add the fuel to the fire that creates the rivalry and instills school sprit in us all. In the end, it’s really just about beating those Warren teddy bears.