Panic! At the Disco’s I Write Sins not Tragedies

Miranda Ramirez, Editor-In-Chief

Panic! At the Disco’s album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out turned 10 years old on Mon., Sept. 20, fans rejoiced when the songs from the album were played on the radio. “Thank you all for letting me do what I do,” Brendon Urie said, “and so here’s to you and to 10 years of a fever I may never be able to sweat out.” Urie, lead singer of the band released a statement on Twitter thanking the fans for their support. The album was released back in 2005. Their hit song from the album, “I Write Sins not Tragedies” made a comeback, being played on alternative radio stations all week. “I chime in with a ‘haven’t you people heard of closing the g*****n door,’” are the bold lyrics that turn people off about the song. I enjoy the song simply because of the message. Audiences may not realize that the song is not just a rude way to tell people how to close a door; it’s about a nervous groom hearing something bad about his bride-to-be and getting cold feet on the day of his wedding.