Kali Uchis’ “Red Moon in Venus”

Erik Damadian, Writer


 Colombian-American singer and songwriter, Karly-Marina Loaiza, also known as Kali Uchis, announced her third studio album to drop on March 3rd, 2023. The album is titled Red Moon in Venus and is described to express desire, heartbreak, and the divine femininity of the moon and Venus. This highly anticipated album is set to feature other famous music artists like Omar Apollo, Summer Walker, and Don Toliver. 


With her top three from Red Moon In Venus being Fantasy (ft. Don Toliver), Moonlight, and Happy Now, Abigail Chinchilla, 12, is an avid listener of Kali Uchis. When asked about her favorite featured song and anticipation on this album, Chinchilla stated, “My favorite feature on this album was Omar Apollo, I do think that this album is one of her best and it exceeded my expectations for her second English and Spanish album.”


Someone who was eager to listen to Kali Uchis’ new album, Isis Robles, 12, says that her favorite songs are “. . .Moral Conscious, Hasta Cuando, and All Mine because it’s ethereal and radiates a calm feeling.” Robles is also an avid listener of Kali Uchis and anticipated this album, Robles stated that she was, “. . . excited for this album and it did exceed my expectations with surprise features like Summer Walker and Omar Apollo.”


Since she discovered Kali Uchis during middle school, Kaitlynn Mendez, 12, is another fan who anticipated this third studio album. Mendez explained, “I feel that this album could be described in one word; pretty. A great song that depicts this word is Hasta Cuando, which is my favorite song off the album.”  


Through her released singles such as I Wish You Roses, which went viral on TikTok, and Moonlight, her fans got a strong impression of what this album is about. Kali Uchis is able to express topics like self-love and heartbreak, which are big topics in this album, through her catchy music. Along with this new album, she also announced a North American Tour which begins in April which fans are also looking forward to.