Cake-Con in Comic-Con

Diego Martinez and Vanessa Carrillo

Filled with cosplay, art, and comic vendors, the L.A. Comic-Con did not fail to deliver a diverse experience for those who attended. One vendor, in particular, Mayra Estrada, has a grandiose vision for something more specific: cake. Her idea is to start an international Cake-Con, a convention where people can look at sculptures in a different and tasty medium. 


Estrada’s idea started shortly after she had learned that she was not the only cake sculptor basing her art off of different ideas. With her friends and contacts, she formed Cake-Con International, an idea for a convention in which artists from around the world participate and show their art in different mediums. Estrada’s vision is that people treat Cake-Con like Comic-Con, a place where you can cosplay, where you can buy artistic treats, and enjoy yourself. 


When asked how she started Cake-Con International, Estrada responded with “I started Cake-Con international in 2014 with my club member Casandra Rice, Jennifer Holst is the manager. And we have it themed today after comic characters.” 


Estrada and her team passionately sculpt every cake by hand and using cake as their foundation and Rice Krispies as their material. Every year, their team of bakers and sculptors make a different theme for their cakes and post it on their social media pages. Most sculptures are inspired by different television shows and comics, mostly topical characters that people will enjoy to see and eat.


“All sculptures are hand free, made by different artists, so we have a lot of talent in Cake-Con” Estrada stated. “I hope that audiences get joy happiness and excitement to see something special made for their event for weddings and big events.”


Estrada and her team are currently working on expanding their audience, going to different conventions such as Wonder-Con and other Comic-Cons to show passionate comic lovers their own comic inspired creations. 


“Every year we’ll start growing little by little, our banner is also even made out of edible mediums that are members of cake con,” Estrada stated. “It would be great someday for everyone to see their favorite superheroes as cakes and to see people come in their cosplays to our bake shows and so we could be a big one happy family.” 


Cake-Con currently has 55 members from different countries and continue looking for more creative bakers and cake sculptors. 


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