The Downey Legend

Artists’ Upbringing

Jocelyn Rosillo and Diego Martinez October 29, 2019

Artists come and go, work, take breaks, and are unique in their own ways but one thing they all have in common is a push factor at the start of their careers. This year, while at the Los Angeles Comic-Con,...

Cake-Con in Comic-Con

Diego Martinez and Vanessa Carrillo October 29, 2019

Filled with cosplay, art, and comic vendors, the L.A. Comic-Con did not fail to deliver a diverse experience for those who attended. One vendor, in particular, Mayra Estrada, has a grandiose vision for...

Often getting inspiration from unknown artists on Tumblr, Raquel Hernandez recreates the art she enjoys the most.  “I like to paint, but so many things are going to keep me from doing that when I grow up,” Hernandez said.

It is an Artist’s World

Esmeralda Martinez, Copy Editor November 9, 2015

Downey High School student, Raquel Hernandez is an artist who portrays her assertions and opinions through her paintings. She has been painting since she was five. Art lives in some, and for others,...

Culture and a show

Culture and a show

Gustavo Ramirez, Opinions Editor February 29, 2012

Gathered at the Barber Shop at 9204 Florence Ave to spread some culture, poets from all around Los Angeles gathered to recite poetry and grow from one another’s critiques. The works ranged from humorous...

Culinary Artists

Culinary Artists

Alejandra Paredes, Student Life Editor May 31, 2011

Continuing on with their cooking endeavors, Foods 3, taught by Mrs. Villa, has taken their culinary talents to their upmost potential. Following the cancellation of a contest entry, the class took upon...

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