Daisy Jones & The Six

Alanis Martinez, Copy Editor

The notorious era of rock’n’roll returns to television through the exhilarating and poignant events of a 1970s rock band amidst it all. Layered through raw and faulty characters that capture the true essence of the seventies. A book comes to life as Daisy Jones and The Six retell the rigorous events before the infamous breakup of the band nearly 20 years later. 

Based on the novel, “Daisy Jones & The Six” by famous author Taylor Jenkins Reid, the adaptation produces a 10-episode television series filled with twists and turns on Amazon Prime Video. The show is told through various perspectives of the former band members and associates in a documentary style, incorporating flashbacks to their rise to fame. The book adaptation drops 3 episodes every Friday for viewers to anticipate the 10-episode season. Songs heard on the show can be streamed on music streaming services.

Two stubborn lead singers are met at crossroads through lust and hate, the perfect combination to produce the greatest rock band of their time. Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne deliver mixed signals as viewers watch their complex relationship blossom into a spiral of events. The heart of the band lies within band members Karen Sirko, Graham Dunne, Warren Rojas, and Eddie Roundtree. Through a riveting course of events, Daisy Jones and The Six make themselves known in the music industry. From small gigs to a world tour, the band never fails to assemble iconic music. Despite the heedless drama, they creatively put together their first album together, Aurora. Though, the imperfect choices of the band members begin to catch up to them as secrets are revealed and trust is broken. 

Imperfectness within these specific characters creates a relatable bond between on-screen and reality. Appealing to the various real-world problems individuals face. A cultivating chemistry filled with angst and expressive infatuation is apparent through the artistic parallel between Daisy and Billy. 

From on-page words to a reality on screen, readers have anticipated the long-awaited series adaptation. Readers like Victoria Tejada, 10, approach the show with high expectations for the spontaneous affinity between the characters. 

“Since I have read the book, I was very excited to see the series adaptation. Although other readers may get worried to see a book turn into a series or show, I personally love it. My favorite part of the show is seeing the angst between Billy and Daisy. It’s interesting to watch how it’ll all play out and the approach the show takes to showcase Billy and Daisy’s forbidden attraction. I also love seeing them work together. It’s fun to see how they write songs and perform onstage,” Tejada says. “I would recommend this to people because I know reading isn’t for everyone and watching the show is a good alternative. It’s about music, love, heartbreak, addiction, and family struggles.”

Upfront Daisy Jones and The Six are the greatest bands of their time, but behind the scenes, the downfall of the band begins to take its mark. Decades later, the band members retell the obscure events of their golden age. Check out Daisy Jones & The Six for a taste of the famed decades of rock’n’roll.