Favorite Holiday Films

Alanis Martinez and Jazmin Cantoran


As the beginning of December rolls around and winter is right around the corner, the joyous month calls for the resurrection of beloved holiday films to fit the festive mood of many. Many students begin to fulfill their holiday routine by watching their favorite movies. Whether it be a classic or reoccurring Hallmark Christmas film, the same nostalgic feeling of the cherished holiday returns every year to warm the hearts of many. Classic movies like Elf, Polar Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Home Alone, and many more are streamed during the month of December. Here are some of Downey’s favorites:  

A popular holiday film raved amongst the students of Downey is Home Alone. The Christmas comedy film is a popular choice by many that resurface greatly during the jolly season. Students like Victoria Cuellar, 10, recalls the familiar feeling that rolls around during the month of December as she describes her ideal Christmas routine. 

“Christmas is a special time for me because I get to spend time with my family and have the gift of giving presents to people that I care about,” Cuellar explains. “I think what makes Christmas movies enjoyable is that they seem very realistic to where many people can relate to them and get reminded of their childhood. My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone because there’s the right amount of everything: action, comedy, and love.”

Soccer player Miguel Carias’, 11, favorite holiday movie is also Home Alone by John Huges, released on November 16, 1990. He expands on his reason behind his choice of the beloved classic. 

“Of how funny it is and how it shows the importance of having and loving your family,” Carias said. 

Home Alone (1990)

First of numerous sequels, the comedy Christmas movie follows the tale of an eight-year-old left the responsibility to defend his house from a pair of burglars, being left alone by his family on a Christmas vacation. The entertaining film is an essential holiday watch that blends with aspects of family and memorable moments that fulfills one’s nostalgic feelings. 

Sequels of popularized Christmas movies are returning year after year to the big screen. Savana Moreno, 10, expands on her favorite holiday traditions along with the longed Christmas spirit feel of her favorite holiday films. 

“The showing of Christmas spirit or the dedication to Christmas spirit makes these movies enjoyable. Krampus or Christmas Chronicles are my favorite,” Moreno says. “Gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies are my favorite traditions.”

Christmas Chronicles (2018) & (2020)

The Christmas Chronicles is about two siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce that hatch a scheme to capture Santa on Christmas Eve. Their plan goes wrong and the kids are forced to join forces with Saint Nick and his loyal elves to save Christmas before it’s too late. 

Downey students give their input on their favorite holiday traditions and movies, check out these films!