Ma on Halloween

Writing Center Spooky Scary Story Contest: Most Shocking Twist

Emma Escobar

It was a Friday afternoon, and the bell had just rung for the end of the school day. Juliana made her way home as she had always done since the third grade; she had no worry in the world whether she made it home or not because she always did. Today was notable, in that all the thoughts that filled her head were how tonight would go down. Tonight was Halloween.

Juliana was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the human figure that she was approaching. “Mama, what are you doing out over here?” said Juliana as she saw the figure’s face once her eyes were in view.

“Oh just waiting on you of course,” Mama said sarcastically. “I went on another walk like always.” Mama was always around, going on walks for she had no job to attend to, just her daughter. 

Juliana ran and walked side-by-side with her; telling her about all the plans her friends and she had made: “Mama I’m so excited to see all of us in our costumes, Papa is doing to be the moon, you’re going to be the shooting star, and I’m going to be the astronaut exploring the corn maze at the festival!  Why yes you are,” Mama giggled. “You promise to stay close to your friends, right Julie?” Mama warned. “Yes Mama, even though you and Papa will be waiting at the exit,” responded Juliana. “Yes we will but we don’t need another incident, once is more than enough, yes? Yes, Mama.”  The conversation continued until they reached the front lawn of the house. Juliana made her way up the lawn and onto the porch where the door stood while Mama stayed put.  “Mama you’re not coming in?” asked Juliana with confusion. “No sweetie, I think I’m going to continue my walk, but you go in and get ready,” responded Mama. With no hesitation, Juliana opened the door, said hi to her father (who was preparing dinner), walked down the hall to her room, and got to make a great Halloween experience.

A few hours passed as Juliana prepared for a terrific night and sat and ate dinner with her father, for her mother had informed Juliana that she’d meet her and he father at the festival. It was around five p.m. when Juliana and her father made their way to the park, a few blocks down the street, for the corn maze where everyone was going to celebrate and show off their Halloween pride. 

“I can’t wait, Papa. Madison, Clare, and I  are going to have so much fun trying to get out of the maze, and I even bet I’ll be the first one out,” stated Juliana. “ Haha, if you do then you have to run and jump in my arms while I throw you up high,” responded sarcastically, Papa. “Oka-, Juuullliiieee,” yelled teenage girls that, were running to Juliana and her father. “Clare, Madison, your costumes are amazing. Thanks, yours is too,” responded Madison. 

The girls and Papa walked around the park grounds looking and scouting different Halloween costumes and activities finally making their way to the corn maze entrance. The sign above the girls read in big, bright, bold letters; Corn Maze of Mystery. The girls handed the ticket man their entry ticket and walk right through the high stacked corn stocks; and with one look back at Papa, Juliana said goodbye and walked farther in the maze–never looking back.

The girls walked for a good fifteen minutes talking about school, boys, Halloween, and other life topics until a strange man approached them asking, “Hey, Hey! Are you girls coming from the entrance!? Yeah?” responded the girls. “Oh my gosh, hey guys come it’s this way,” yelled the man with three other sweaty men following him; going in the opposite direction from where the girls were walking. Confused the girls continued their walk encountering many dead ends and dressed-up displays. The girls continued to walk and the sun began to set when Clare pointed out, “ Hey, have you guys noticed that we’ve been walking for quite some time, the sun is even setting, and we haven’t run across someone after that weird man. You’re right Clare, but I’m sure we’ll find a way out soon enough,” responded Juliana. It was at those words that all the maze lights flickered into darkness for quick seconds and when the light reappeared both Madison and Clare had disappeared from Juliana’s view.

Juliana ran up and down, back and forth, called and yelled, but she got no response back. Juliana wandered the maze grounds for a good twenty minutes until she dropped to the ground wondering if she could just be home; in her living room, watching tv with her parents, wrapped in fuzzy, warm blankets. Her mind was in a black blur when she heard soft footsteps approach her, “Madison. Clare. Is that you?” As the individual turned the corner to wear Juliana was paralyzed in isolation she let out a sigh of relief. “Mom!” yelled Juliana with great joy. “Hey sweetheart, you were taking quite a while so I thought I might come and get you,” said Mama. With concern, Juliana rambled, “Mama I don’t know where Madison and Clare are, one moment they were with me, and the next they weren’t, and I tried looking for them but they wouldn’t come out, and I just–. Julie listens they’re already out honey,” assured Mama. “What but they– I promise you they’re okay, but we must get you out of here, it’s already dark,” stated Mama. Juliana held Mama close, as if she didn’t grip her mom’s hand tight enough she might get left alone in that black blur once again. Mama led the way and before she could comprehend, Juliana saw the headboard of the entrance sign simmering in the soulless night sky; that was until Mama stopped just before turning the last corner.

“Why’d you stop Mama?” questioned Juliana. “You know I always like to continue my walks for a little longer,” responded Mama. “Yea but I thought maybe Dad and you cou–. Sweetie, you know the drill. I have to go, but I had a great time this year. See you next year my sweet Julie! I love you,” stated Mama with lovely pain.

“I love you too, Bye,” Juliana responded with a grinning smile as Mama walked back to the endless trail of loneliness. Just like that Juliana turned the corner jumping into her father’s arms; not with the joy of winning her bet but with the joy of having her mother’s comfort for a time and now her father’s.

Until next year…