The Anniversary of Chadwick Boseman’s Passing

Ariel Lara, Photographer

Coming across the same day from last year of an unexpected loss, tributes are being made again across the media for the marking of the first year since Chadwick Boseman’s passing. Boseman’s death has been hard for many, but to light up his remembrance, everyone such as family, friends, and fans, are recalling how Boseman has inspired them to continue being themselves and most importantly to be the hero they are within. Boseman has left behind a legacy that everyone will always remember.  


American actor who also worked as a director and writer, Chadwick Aaron Boseman, was born on November 29, 1976, and truly inspired everyone with his work. Boseman’s acting career began when he earned his first main role in a series, Persons Unknown. Later on, he started building upon his fame by portraying many legendary idols, but one character he played that really sparked up his popularity was the Black Panther. Boseman’s role and the movie itself assisted the normalization of African heritage and made people of African descent feel represented. Pure joy was sprung in many individuals of Africa; knowing that many people across the nation were able to view the importance and beauty in their culture through Black Panther. T’challa and Boseman successfully embodied the exact representation of what Africans were excitedly expected to see about their culture. 


“I believe Chadwick made a long lasting impact on black culture because there has not been a Marvel movie with so much representation of the black community before,” Camila Avalos, 12, stated. “Additionally, the fact that his character and the whole movie itself included so many aspects of African culture is incredible.” 


While working and making films, Boseman also took the time to spread cheer to young children diagnosed with cancer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Keeping everyone with a smile on their face, little did everyone know that Boseman was also one to be battling with the disease himself. August 28, 2020, was the day that everyone across the globe heard about the heartbreaking and unexpected passing of Boseman. Tributes from Boseman’s family, co-stars, friends, and fans flooded all over the media. Yet as we come across the first year since his passing, everyone has been sharing their most memorable moments about Boseman and most importantly how he has impacted them in different ways. 


“I appreciate how hardworking he was,” Mariah Lara, 9, stated. “He made so many films while he was battling colon cancer which shows his amazing determination and strength. I just think that he was such a strong person for always putting himself out there without showing any indications of weakness.


Boseman has truly touched everyone’s hearts through his dedication in his work while alongside trying to fight his disease in private. He has taught people to not give up despite any ailments they do or don’t have. For most people it’s unreal to think that they could feel so much sadness for a person they’ve never met, but it’s all because of how deep down the man with the mantle has been an inspiration for everyone. There’s not a day that goes by for others where they don’t feel so much sorrow for his devastating death. Boseman was gone too soon, but his incredible mentality and portrayal as a leader will always be remembered forever. Chadwick Boseman will continue to stay the hero he has always been, may a true king rest in power.