Ready Player One

Ysabelle Canilao, Photographer

With Ready Player One’s release on March 29 already hitting the $400 million dollar mark in the box office, people have been buzzing to get to the cinemas and watch the movie. The film features virtual reality, much of which people have experienced in the video game world.


The movie is set in the year 2045, with the rest of the Earth on the edge of collapse. Their only savior from the ways of the world is the virtual reality universe, OASIS. When the creator of OASIS, James Halliday, dies, he creates and adds an Easter Egg within the game, which holds his fortunes. With the news sparking interest throughout the whole world, main protagonist Wade Watts joins the contest and gets thrown into a chaotic chase to the finish.


Senior Albert Ariaz has not yet watched the movie, but is excited to see it during the upcoming weekend. Ariaz enjoys to playing video games, and thinks the concept of Ready Player One is cool and never been done before.


“I would believe VR is another way to alter reality. I mean, if it allows you to feel, touch,” Ariaz said. “Virtual Reality gives you a chance to experience a different world, that is completely animated.


Isabelle Beccerill, 12, has not seen a movie made quite like this one. Playing games such as Overwatch, the animation style of the movie is nothing new to her. Although Beccerill plays games anytime she can, she thinks the style of Ready Player One is different from other films.


“The movie was genius,” Beccerill said, “For people like me, I absolutely love video games. I grew up playing them, and seeing older consoles like Atari and being able to relate to the story was amazing.”  


Sophomore Eva Garcia does not play video games, but watches her boyfriend play Fortnite and similar games. Skeptical about watching the movie, she decided to give it a chance, and was not disappointed with what she saw.


“I was hesitant at first,” Garcia said, “but during the movie, I was getting more and more into it. Once you think the plot is finally going to go smoothly, they put in a new loophole or a new worry for the characters to deal with, making it more interesting.”


Ready Player One is a thriller/ science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg, produced under several companies including Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainment. The movie hit the worldwide box office at $500 million, with a production budget of $150 million. The movie was inspired by Ernest Cline’s book Ready Player One.