Stay Gallery Hosts Pop-Up Show with Female Entrepreneurs

Dennise Reynoso, Writer

The Stay Gallery, Downey’s own local art gallery, recently hosted a pop-up shop on March 31, which was comprised of products made and sold by local female entrepreneurs. A variety of retailers were present, selling beauty, skin care and fashion merchandise.


Erika Gonzalez, the owner of the boutique Gypsy Queen, which will be featured at the Stay Gallery, explained the purpose of this event.


“We hope that through this event we and other shops may bring awareness to female owned local businesses,” Erika Gonzalez said. “We want the community to know that there are female entrepreneurs creating their own path to success.”


Sarah Amaya, an independent consultant of the store Perfectly Posh explained some of the difficulties she experienced being the manager of her own shop.


“Being in business management is a lot of hard work,” Amaya said. “As a woman in the industry, I find that it is definitely hard at times to be take seriously and you seem to be questioned more on your ideas and experience. It takes a lot of time and endurance to gain success but it is definitely rewarding.”


Another vender that will be featured at Stay Gallery is Gentle Riot. Estefany Arias, manager as well as designer suggests what she hopes will come out of this event.


“I hope by creating this gathering of intelligent and creative women,” Arias said, “We can encourage other young entrepreneurs to start up their own business as well.”


Despite the varied responses, each vendor offered the same piece of advice to aspiring business women and men: to take a leap of faith, face obstacles head on and to never give up.


Stay Gallery’s pop up function successfully closed this National Women’s History month by showcasing as well as celebrating women’s achievements and independence in entrepreneurship.