The Razzies Announce Their Nominations for the Worst in Film

Dennise Reynoso, Writer

The Golden Raspberry awards, more commonly known as The Razzies, announced their nominations on January 22, exactly a day before the Academy Awards nominations were revealed. The Razzies is an award ceremony that acknowledges the worst in the film industry of that year.


Categories include Worst Picture, Worst Actor and Actress as well as Worst Director. Students have offered their opinion on the list of nominees, expressing their ideas of the worst films 2017 had to offer.


Grace Mun, 12, explained her disagreement with the Razzies choices, specifically in the category of Worst Picture. Among nominees were Baywatch, The Emoji Movie, Fifty Shades Darker, The Mummy and Transformers XVII: The Last Knight.


“Despite it being in the Worst Picture section, I actually liked the recent Transformers movie,” Mun said. “I personally enjoy action so I had a fun time seeing it with friends. A bad movie I disliked that wasn’t nominated for Worst Picture actually was The Circle. I watched it with my mom and was pretty disappointed.”


The film mother! was noted by Alberto Flores, 11, who was surprised it was nominated for multiple awards seeing as director Darren Aaronosky has produced several critically acclaimed films in the past.


“I agree with most films on the list. I wasn’t impressed by those for the most part,” Flores said. “It was kind of weird though that mother! was nominated in many categories. I heard it was a pretty interesting movie.”


Annabelle Nunez, 12, seemed happy with the list of nominees, believing movies like The Emoji Movie and The Mummy rightfully deserved the recognition.


“I didn’t understand how The Emoji Movie was made in the first place,” Nunez said. “It seemed like a joke at when it was announced earlier in the year. I agree with The Razzies on this pick for Worst Picture.”


Based on these varied views on the movies voted worst in the year of 2017, it seems movies, even those labeled the most terrible, remain subjective in their ability to entertain. Paralleling the Oscars, the Golden Raspberry awards ceremony will take place on March 3, a day prior to the Academy Awards.