LA Comic Con: Third Day

Brenda Melara, Writer

During the last day of the Los Angeles Comic Con, the convention center was filled with spectators, cosplayers, booth owners and professionals in the entertainment business. The doors opened at 10 a.m. on October 29, allowing the attendees to start gathering in the main floor.


Matthew Wolf, author of his first fantasy book trilogy called The Ronin Saga, used this event to get in contact with his readers and promote the third book from the collection. Wolf talks about what inspired him to become a writer.


“The best answer to that is honestly two parts. One is that I fell in love with fantasy because I read tons and tons of fantasy so these ideas are always spinning in the top of my mind,” Wolf said. “These tales of knights and magic and dragons. The second is that I had a lot of alone time and that isolation while I was living in Oregon up for a year these things were ruminating in my head.”


Ian Castellanos and Jeffrey Adams from Crude Ink also took advantage of the convention to show to the public their original work and their role in their brand.


“Jeff Adams is the designer of all the art,” Castellanos said. “He does all the design job and then we paint the backgrounds and everything together and I do all the casting of the crowns.”


His partner Jeffrey Adams added to this by talking about what they are looking for when they decide what to create.


“We try to get things that are eye-catchy; that people want to see and like.”Adams said.”The stuff that they grew up with.”


During the convention cosplayers met with fellow enthusiasts that share their interests and passions. A group of costume designers said how fun it was to meet other artist with their same interest. Britney Estrada talks about what she likes about comic meetings.


“All of the Disney cosplayers get together, to take photos together but it’s fun to see everybody that we don’t see except for at these events,” Estrada said.


There were also guests that are part of the entertainment industry who participated in private panels. Iris Venturino (artistic name: Dust Bunny), professional cosplayer was part of a panel about building on your hobby to make it a profession.


“I wanted to inspire people; I wanted to help people so I ended up making a torero dress and that kind of went viral. Then that skyrocketed me to having a fanbase and now I get messages all the time from people,” Venturino said. “That’s basically how I went into it, it was mainly luck and I kind of moved into it gradually and also pretty naturally.”


This event had a central space in which all the buyers and cosplayers were able to buy comic or anime related products and were able to participate in costume contest divided into numerous categories. However this event was also an opportunity for authors and product sellers to promote their brands and get to know the consumers in person.


The three day experience of the Comic Con was greatly anticipated by the public of Los Angeles. In order to see the highlights or any additional related information, go to the official link bellow.

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