Happy Death Day

Vicky Arguello, Writer

From the producer of Get Out, The Purge, and The Visit, the film Happy Death Day was released on Friday the 13 and has grossed $26.5 million in ticket sales in the United States and Canada alone. The film follows a college student who is murdered on her birthday, and who then begins reliving the day over and over again; at that point, she sets out to stop her death and find the killer.


Happy Death Day had a budget of  $4.5 million and was directed by Christopher Landon. It received positive reviews, developing a comeback for Mr. Landon, who wrote most of the Paranormal Activity films.


Because of her love for Horror films Jocelyn Martinez, 12,  is excited to watch the new film as she finds the plot interesting.  


“Experiencing the many ways you’re killed and actually remembering it when you wake up like that’s gotta creep you out a bit,” Martinez said, “not to mention the mask is just creepy in general.”


A horror comedy that mixes hints of the Scream movies with Groundhog Day-style repetition, Happy Death Day managed to draw in a younger audience. Universal, which distributed the film, said that 63 percent of ticket buyers were under the age of 25.


Ariel Molina, 12, enjoyed watching the film, but was surprised to find that it involved a lot of comedy.


“I knew the movie would be a little funny because of what I saw in trailers, but it was a lot funnier than I expected for a scary movie,” Molina said. “I really like when scary movies involve comedy because it gives the audience a break from being on the edge of their seat.”


Although students who have watched the film enjoy the comedy aspect, others wish there could have been just a little more blood.


Because of her appreciation for classic slasher films, Liliana Paredes,12, would have liked the film more if it was scarier.


“The movie reminded me a wannabe Scream movie,” Paredes said. “I wish there was more gore and suspense to the movie; it would’ve made me appreciate it a little more.”

Happy Death Day will be shown at Cinemark and Krikorian and although it might not be the scariest or bloodiest, students who enjoyed watching the film recommend going out this weekend to watch it with your friends.