Heathers Reboot

Nathalie Sibal, Co-Copy Editor

On Aug. 27, the Heathers T.V. reboot teaser trailer debuted during the MTV Video Music Awards. The trailer opens with a fellow student informing the lead character, Veronica Sawyer, that Heather Chandler is looking for her. The scene transitions to the new, diverse, and rebellious looking Heathers that are a stark contrast from the original group.  Veronica proceeds to deliver Heather Chandler’s iconic chainsaw line.  As I watched the trailer, I thought to myself,  “What is this?”


The Heathers Instagram page (@heathers) (https://www.instagram.com/heathers/) released more clips on the same day it debuted. I had a somewhat optimistic outlook, even after watching the teaser trailer. After watching these new clips, however, I was not so sure about how well this reboot would execute their story.


The original Heathers featured your stereotypical popular girls who bullied students for being different. ‘Outcasts’ who were homosexual, nerdy, weird, etc. often served targets for the ‘cool’ students. Fellow classmates who were pretty, handsome, straight, skinny, and/or privileged mocked the students they believed to be below them. Having two of the new Heathers be a genderqueer student and a plus-sized girl takes away the point of the cult classic.

Nowadays, the media tries to include representation to engage the viewers. However, the representation in T.V. or movies is not always written in the best way. It is not handled properly or, in Heathers’ case, it simply does not make sense.


I do not completely disagree with the casting of all the Heathers. Personally, I believe that the casting for Heather McNamara was the best one. Jasmine Mathews is the first black actress to portray Heather McNamara on screen. This is what should have been done with the rest of the Heathers; cast people of color who look like your everyday popular girls. This is how the group should have been diversified.


I am not completely opposed to watching the series. Hopefully, the first episode will take away my doubts about the reboot. The trailers and clips were filled with many surprises, which leads me to wonder what Heathers will have in store for us.


Heathers will premiere in early 2018 on Paramount Network.