Love for being in love

Irania Quintero, Staff Writer

On May 4, actor and musician Jamie Foxx released his hit single “Baby’s in Love,” featuring hip-hop artist Kid Ink. Foxx, who although has worked mainly in the acting industry, has previously released other works such as Intuition and Best Night of My Life. His most recent acting job in the musical production Annie has given Foxx more attention, shedding light on his new music. In the music industry Foxx is primarily known for his lyrics on appeal to the opposite sex and how he could manage to woo them into his life. His hit single “Baby’s in Love” revolves around how the woman has more of an effect on him than he has on her. Foxx includes an electric piano sound with upbeat rhythms and above average paced beats, which gives the song a positive twist and an enticing feeling. Kid Ink’s verse on the song gives it more of a contemporary feel because modern music is increasingly incorporating hip-hop into pop songs such as “Baby’s in Love.” Foxx sings, “Baby’s on top, never gon’ stop to get what she wants/ Whatever she want, givin’ it up, cause baby’s in love,” which further shows how the woman is grabbing his attention. It shows her determination to be independent and for others to seek her attention instead of her seeking theirs. Foxx has been able to work with a variety of artists across the hip-hop spectrum to expand his music horizons. He released “Baby’s in Love” as a way of promoting his new album Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses, which was released on May 15.