Video girl


Matthew Palencia

On Wed., Nov. 12, Kyle Lucena, 11, demonstrates her love for music with instruments like the ukulele, which drives her to create videos of herself performing music on YouTube. “When I perform a song, I honestly feel shy and I get these weird butterflies when people are watching me,” Lucena said. “I love singing and preforming for people.”

Sophie Prettyman, Staff Writer

Among numerous people hoping to put a spotlight on their talents is Downey High School junior, Kyle Lucena, a young musician and YouTuber who posts videos of herself performing songs. She has been posting covers of songs such as “Team” by Lorde and “Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce on her YouTube channel under the name of KYLEthefilipinoh since 2010.


Lucena fell in love with music when she started playing the piano at seven years old and learned how to play the ukulele at ten years old. She continued on with her music and also learned how to play the clarinet, drums, bass, and guitar.


“The guitar is probably my favorite just because I can rock out and express myself fully,” Lucena said.


Although she has known she loves to sing since she was a child and had been posting covers of songs online for a few years, Lucena finally gathered the courage to try out for the Downey High School jazz choir her sophomore year and made it. People who know her were not surprised.


“I’ve known her since second or third grade and she has always had an amazing voice,” Jenna Kim, Lucena’s best friend and fellow junior, said. “It’s really cool that she’s putting it on YouTube so people can know what kind of voice she has. I like to watch her videos and listen to her sing.”


Although Lucena loves making music, she is considering being a chemical engineer or a pharmacist for a main career; however, she would be more open to pursuing music as a career if she ever gets discovered. Her friends are supportive of her pursuing her talent.


“I think Kyle has a great sound and she is only getting better since the time I first heard her during my sophomore year,” Juan Medina, senior, fellow musician, and friend of Lucena said. “I think she could take it to different venues if she can manage to get a gig because her sound is genuine.”


Lucena is currently practicing and pursuing her singing and other music on her own as a hobby. She plans on starting to sing at coffee shops and perform in public soon.