She’s his only one

Irania Quintero, Staff Writer

On Jan. 1, American rapper and song producer Kanye Omari West, along with help of former Beatles member, Paul McCartney, released his now hit single “Only One,” to honor his daughter and recognize the works of his mom’s presence although she is deceased.  West chose McCartney to contribute to his piece because of their friendship and the emotional effect he would add to the song due to his musical history of romantic and sentimental lyrics. The media has portrayed West as an angry celebrity who, in summary, has no respect for others, but the release of “Only One” has stirred the hearts of many as it shows a different side of his musical talent. West is primarily known for his trip hop, electronica, and alternative beats in albums such as The College Dropout, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus, and more, but “Only One” is a gentle ballad that brings out West’s usually hidden soft side.  West describes his song as not his own, but his mother’s words speaking through him to North West [his daughter], as a way of showing she is still watching over him and his family.  The words “only one” are a direct translation of what “Kanye” means, which gives the song a more heartfelt touch.  The song begins with a soft piano introduction, West describes his mother’s words to him, and a sudden but subtle transition to West delivering lyrics in his mother’s perspective.  The verse, “I talked to God about you, he/ said he sent you an angel/ And look at all that he gave you/ You asked for one and you got two” further gives listeners an idea of what West meant by his mother sending him a message. West took the message and painted a picture for his daughter letting her know just how much she is loved despite any downfalls to come.  Although “Only One” is not like his usual works, it has fans all over anxiously waiting for what is to come in Kanye’s career that hasn’t failed to surprise his admirers.