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Alicia Garcia, Photographer

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In the Casa de Parley Johnson on January 14, Glamour Gown members not only gave out free dresses but as well as shoes and accessories to help girls in need. Girls came in with awed expressions when they saw the dresses, shoes and accessories they had to choose from.

The Assisteens of the Assistance League of Downey gave out free dresses and accessories for the upcoming Winter Formal at Knott’s Berry Farm. The event took place on Saturday, Jan. 14 at the Assistance League Chapter House in Downey.


Because generosity and charity are important values to her, Eveney Smith, 12, thinks the donations are a great cause.


“It allows every girl to feel confident and gives them their time to shine and feel beautiful even though they can’t afford a dress on their own,” Smith said. “I would feel so grateful that someone was thoughtful enough to give up something that was special to them in order to make me feel special.”


The purpose of the Glamour Gowns program is to ensure that financial need is not an obstacle for teen girls to attend memorable high school dances.


As a student who attended the event, Jessica Garcia, 12, thinks it is important that financial need is not an obstacle in determining if girls attend their high school dance.


“I would donate my dress so that another girl who isn’t as fortunate can have a night to remember,” Garcia said. “I know that if we’re in that position I wouldn’t want not having a dress the one thing that holds me back.”


The Glamour Gowns program also offers dresses and accessories for homecoming, winter formal, and prom.


Looking forward to winter formal, Diana Martin, 12, knows the stress as a result of having a dress for the upcoming dance.


“Not everyone has the same luck in their economic situation,” Martin said. “It gives those girls that can’t necessarily buy a dress a good option.”
The Glamour Gowns Program is a charitable organization that provides girls in financial need with dresses and accessories that help them have the chance to attend their high school dances.

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