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Glamour Gowns

In order to help those who cannot afford a dress for dances, Glamour Gown members, Catherine Saldivar, Sara Guillén, Kaylee Aburto, Madeline Weyers, Isabella Fierro, Giselle Garcia, Michelle Vilarino, Kayla Terrazas, and Alexandra Romero come together on January 14 at the Casa de Parley Johnson.  “Many of us have been doing this since our freshman year,” Garcia said. “It was nice to see how happy everyone gets once they find the right dress and ‘Say yes to the dress’.”
January 25, 2017

The Assisteens of the Assistance League of Downey gave out free dresses and accessories for the upcoming Winter Formal at Knott’s Berry Farm. The event took place on Saturday, Jan. 14 at the Assistance...

Free winter formal dresses for girls in need

As Winter Formal approaches, Glamor Gowns coordinator Stacy Brabant collects dresses, accessories, and make-up to give to girls in need of dresses for the dance. Girls from Downey, Warren, and surrounding neighborhood high schools get dresses for free for Homecoming, Winter Formal, and Prom.
January 22, 2014

On Jan. 9, high school students in the city of Downey who were unable to purchase a gown for the Winter Formal dance were invited to receive the royal treatment by attending a free event called Glamour...

Glamour gowns

November 4, 2009

Throughout the school year, the Assisteens of the Assistance League of Downey will be holding events where they will give every girl, who can’t purchase a new dress, a chance to make their Winter Formal...

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Glamour Gowns