Pizza for a cause

Junior JV basketball player, Tony Laverde, competed in Stay Gallery’s outdoor pizza eating contest on Mar. 12, against Warren’s boys basketball, to raise money for TLC. Anticipated to win and beat the Warren bears, Laverde devoured his three slices given to him.

Sabrina Picou, Editor-In-Chief

On Thursday, Mar. 12, at 3:30 p.m., Stay Connected hosted a pizza-eating contest between Downey and Warren’s sports teams at Stay Gallery where the two schools joined together to help fundraise for True Lasting Connections. TLC is an organization that helps families in need and provides many outstanding services.


Outside the Stay Gallery students from Downey and Warren High gathered to watch this event. First to take the challenge of devouring two slices of pizza faster than their opponent was boys basketball.


Downey’s junior varsity basketball player, Tony Laverde, 11, explains why he chose to participate in the contest and help fundraise for TLC.


“By participating, I either beat the Bears or I donate to a good cause, so it’s a win-win situation,” Laverde said.


Throughout the contest, students stood outside the gallery watching and passed around buckets with TLC printed on them to collect donations. Students put their donations inside and encouraged others to donate as well. Students were not just there to be spectacles, but to donate to TLC so that this organization will be able to help the families in Downey that need it.


Downey High student Stephanie Aguilar, 11, shares why she chose to attend the contest and view the devouring of pizzas.


“It is always fun to see a school rivalry and participate in school events, especially when I know I am helping a good organization,” Aguilar said.


Warren and Downey both participated to be good citizens of the community and used their rivalry as motivation for a good cause.


Warren’s Talia Cabrera, 12, expresses how she felt participating in the contest and fundraising for TLC.


“I chose to participate because it is my senior year and I want to give back to the community in any way that I can,” Cabrera said.


The event went on for two hours and students watched and continued their donations. The competition ended with Downey winning. Although Downey showed they could eat pizza faster than Warren, they both showed their true compassion in an active way that helped fundraise for TLC. Support a local organization and donate to TLC, school site fundraising will end Mar. 30.