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Season 4 of Stranger Things

Angelina Andrade, Copy Editor March 9, 2022

Stranger Things, a Netflix original series created by the Duffer Brothers, has announced its fourth season is coming to Netflix this summer. This season is set to be split into two parts, or volumes, volume...

Stranger Things Season 2

Valeria Ostorga, Writer November 17, 2017

Leading to be called one of the most popular original series on Netflix, Stranger Things resurfaced after a year from its first premiere date with a second season on Oct. 27. Now, the second season entails...

Short Films Just got Stranger

Oscar Flores, Copy Editor November 16, 2016

Back on July 15, “Stranger Things” premiered on Netflix and blossomed into a pop-culture phenomenon.  The show quickly grew an avid fan base and inspired fans to show their appreciation for it in...

“Stranger Things” Fanatics

Taylor Harrison, Social Media Manager October 19, 2016

The mystery series “Stranger Things” instantly gained popularity from the time it aired on July 15. The new show keeps viewers spellbound, and recently, producer Shawn Levy announced there will be...

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