“Stranger Things” Fanatics

Taylor Harrison, Social Media Manager

The mystery series “Stranger Things” instantly gained popularity from the time it aired on July 15. The new show keeps viewers spellbound, and recently, producer Shawn Levy announced there will be a long-awaited season two.There is no release date yet, but we do know there will be three new characters added to the series.


Set in a small Indiana town in 1983, “Stranger Things” tells the story of the disappearance of a young boy named Will. When his three friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas along with his mother and the police chief set out to find him, they find themselves in the midst of the supernatural. Eleven—a young girl they meet with telekinetic powers and bloody noses—helps them unravel the underlying secrets of government experiments and lead them to Will.


“Stranger Things” fan Diana Jimenez, 12, is anxious to find out what comes next.


“‘Stranger Things’ is complex. It isn’t just some drama show; it’s mysterious,” Jimenez said, “and it keeps you at the edge of your couch, literally.”


With only eight episodes, each about an hour long, fans still seem to find the show fascinating, eye-catching and compelling. As “Stranger Things” progresses, each episode manages to entice the viewers even more than the one before. The news of the acclaimed show catches people’s attention and it spreads through all forms of social media—Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.


Downey High student and “Stranger Things” fan, Magdalena Landeros, 12, found out about the show from the friends she follows on Twitter.


“I found out about the show through Twitter when almost half of the people I follow tweeted about how good the show was and even shared memes about the characters,” Landeros said. “After seeing so many tweets, memes, and reviews, I had to surrender to the hype and watch the show, and by watch, I mean binge watch.”


In “Stranger Things”, Eleven escapes from an undercover government experiment and runs into Will’s friends. With the strength of her telekinetic powers and underlying knowledge, Eleven bonds with the three friends and helps them find their best friend in the “upside down.”


If superpowers were a reality, telekinetic powers, flying, and mind-reading could be the answer to every problem.


“If I had any superpower, I think I would want to be able to read minds,” Vento said, “so I instantly know how people feel.”
What happened to Will and where did Eleven go? Until season two premieres, fans will be anxiously waiting for these questions to be answered.