Stranger Things Season 2

Valeria Ostorga, Writer

Leading to be called one of the most popular original series on Netflix, Stranger Things resurfaced after a year from its first premiere date with a second season on Oct. 27. Now, the second season entails new characters, antagonists, and situations for the characters. In this case, Downey High School students comment on what they thought about the new season and its new aspects.


Prior to the premiere of the second season, fans developed an opinion on what they thought would be the main plot. Here, Brianna Rodriguez, 9, explains of what she believed the new season would have focused on.


“I had convinced myself that season two would have been about the board game- Dungeons and Dragons,” Rodriguez said. “ Like since they had been playing the game since before Will went missing, I thought that now they were going to be playing the game in real life.”


Instead of starting on a clean slate for season 2, Rodriguez had predicted that details that fans might have missed in the first season, such as the Dungeons and Dragons board game, would transfer onto the second season and have more importance. Although the second season does not revolve around the board game, references are made back to it such as the boys calling Jane, previously known as Eleven, their Mage – a wizard-like character from the board game. Instead, the series focuses on closing the gates of the upside down realm that Jane had opened.


The series not only continues with the main plot of defeating the upside down, but there were as well some new characters and original character developments. Due to this change, Brooklyn Miranda, 10, comments on who her favorite character is from the second season.


“I like that there were new characters, but I honestly have to say that Steve Harrington was my favorite,” Miranda said. “He’s my favorite because in the first season you see him as a simple guy, but now the audience sees a different side to him.”


Like Miranda, fans have been applauding the character development of Steve Harrington.  This character was displayed to be the stereotypical high school student, but then changed to be more interactive with the younger characters in the show. Now in the second season, Steve Harrington appeared in more scenes than in the first season. In this case, one can say that the more air time allowed for his character growth.


When completing, or binge watching,  the second season fans must then wait for the third season to premiere. In that case, the usual thing to do is to predict of what may happen next like how Rodriguez had done. Aldo Lopez, 10, reveals of what he believes will happen in the following season.

“I noticed that it was easier to predict things for the second season since the first season ends with Will spitting out the slugg, but know it seems harder. It’s difficult because the second season ended kinda happily until the same scary music shows the upside down at the end,” Lopez said. “My best prediction of season three is that the upside down never stays dormant. Since the last thing that we see is the school in the upside down, I say that the upside down will then create people.”


Lopez predicts that the similarities in the upside down and the real world will become too close that the upside down will then create people of its own. This then means that the gate that Jane closes at the end will not have been sufficient to defeat the dark entity that lives in that realm. Now, fans wait for the third season air in order to see how their predictions play out.