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Horror Blockbusters?

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor September 20, 2019

On Sept 6, IT: Chapter Two released to the tune of 91 million dollars. The movie becomes the latest example of horror movies’ newfound penchant for being highly profitable ventures for studios. This...

Horror Stories vs. Me

Horror Stories vs. Me

Lily Nguyen, Comic Artist October 17, 2017

How It Compares with the Original

Dennise Reynoso, Writer September 20, 2017

Exactly 27 years after the popular TV mini-series broadcasted throughout the country, the new adaptation of It premiered on Sept. 8. With the success of both films, fans and critics have speculated which...

Ouija: Origin of Evil

Alex Castillo, Copy Editor November 16, 2016

This year has been dubbed “The Year of Modern Horror”, and Ouija: Origin of Evil, the well-received sequel to the lowly rated Ouija, can contribute to the box office successes of the horror genre in...

Now playing in theatres, Carrie, directed by Kimberley Pierce is a remake of the 1970s classic horror film. Chloë Grace Moretz stared as Carrie White, a shy girl with the gift of telekinesis, who was pushed too far at prom.

You will know her name

Noemi Lozano, Copy Editor November 1, 2013

On Friday, Oct. 18, the highly anticipated remake of Brian DePalma’s Carrie (1976) was released, and although, Director Kimberly Pierce’s plot for Carrie (2013) is almost identical to DePalma’s,...

A truly bad seed

A truly bad seed

Marilyn Ramirez, Copy Editor/Co-Editor-in-Chief February 10, 2012

Downey’s Drama Production class took the theatre back to an eerie time in the 1950s, during the last weeks of January as they presented The Bad Seed. The stage was set as the Penmark home in a Florida...

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