You will know her name


Veronika Cedillo

Now playing in theatres, Carrie, directed by Kimberley Pierce is a remake of the 1970s classic horror film. Chloë Grace Moretz stared as Carrie White, a shy girl with the gift of telekinesis, who was pushed too far at prom.

Noemi Lozano , Copy Editor

On Friday, Oct. 18, the highly anticipated remake of Brian DePalma’s Carrie (1976) was released, and although, Director Kimberly Pierce’s plot for Carrie (2013) is almost identical to DePalma’s, the new version is recieving more negative than positive reviews.

The film takes viewers through the unfortunate like of Carrie White, played by Chloë Moretz, a seventeen-year old high school student, raised by her single mother whom has a deep obsession for religion and is convinced her daughter is filled with sin. Carrie discovers she has the power to move objects with her mind, and when her mother Margaret, played by Julianne Moore, becomes aware, she forbids Carrie to use them, claiming it “sinful.” It becomes clear that Margaret cares more about her religion than she does about her daughter, and clearly, her sanity.

Carrie is constantly bullied and tormented by the students at her high school. The movie takes a twisted turn when she reaches her breaking point and uses her “sinful” powers for revenge.

Although the movie has made over $16 million in earnings, it has only received a 6.2/10 in ratings. “They ruined a classic,” Rotten Tomatoes Critics said in their review. It has also been said by Roger Ebert Reviews, that the producers of Carrie (2013) used the “wrong actors,” explaining that “Carrie is too pretty.”

The movie may not be getting the reviews that it expected, but it has still managed to earn popularity in the box office.