The Los Angeles Dodgers are Back for the 2023 Season

Jocelyn Gonzalez, Copy Editor

The Los Angeles Dodgers are back! The Dodgers started their season on Opening Day which was March 30, 2023, against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium. For his first time, Julio Urias had the honor to pitch the first game despite rumors of this season possibly being his last season with the Dodgers.


Just like in previous seasons, there is the thought of how this season will go. Now more than ever, this thought is brought to the attention of many. Dodger fans want to know due to having a new-looking lineup. 


According to The Los Angeles Times, “Trea Turner is gone, without an equivalent replacement. There are going to be unproven kids playing frequently. Will Max Muncy rebound after hitting .196 last season? Will Chris Taylor return to form? How badly will the outfield defense suffer without Cody Bellinger? Is Trayce Thompson really a .268/.364/.537 hitter, or is he more like the hitter he was in previous seasons (.208/.283/.405)? Will Clayton Kershaw avoid injury? Has Dustin May fully recovered enough to hold down a permanent rotation spot? Who will pitch the late innings? Can Gavin Lux continue to improve as a hitter and play a solid shortstop? Can J.D. Martinez replace Justin Turner?”.


With the departure of many notable and beloved players such as Cody Bellinger and Justin Turner, the Dodgers had to bring up new faces to the plate. Some players that Dodger fans recognize that are now part of the lineup are J.D. Martinez, James Outman, and Miguel Vargas. Fans have seen Outman and Vargas who made their debut last season. 


There have also been changes in the players’ positions as Gavin Lux usually played left field but has trained to play as second baseman. However, Lux tore his ACL and will not be able to play this season. 


Along with the changes in the lineup, there have been changes to Dodger Stadium’s lights. “The older lighting system has been replaced by LED lights that have the capability to display color-changing features and abilities”. Not only the lights have changed, but pitching rules have also changed as well. “In an effort to create a quicker pace of play, there will be a 30-second timer between batters. Between pitches, there will be a 15-second timer with the bases empty and a 20-second timer with runners on base. At last check, the pitch timer had reduced the average time of game in MiLB by about 26 minutes. This rule, which includes limits on throws to first base, has also increased stolen-base attempts”.


Something that many Dodger fans are looking forward to is that Dodgers will be retiring Fernando Valenzuela’s number 34 this season. With the impact that Valenzuela made for the game and for the community, Dodgers have decided to finally retire his jersey number. 


With the spirit and energy high, many Dodger fans cannot wait for what is to come for this season.