Downey Girls Wrestling Match Against Warren

Nicole Alvarez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Downey’s Varsity Girls Wrestling team competed against their biggest rival, the Warren Bears on Tuesday, Jan. 8. The Lady Vikes did not hold back their strength when defeating their rivals.


Downey started off with an automatic point since Warren didn’t have a wrestler to compete against them. From there Downey had a winning streak. There were many fouls towards the Lady Vikes as well as the Warren Bears. However, Downey’s team’s winning streak continued. Sophomore Sofia Lopez, demonstrated mastery in her position whenever an opponent had the upper hand on her. Every time an opponent would try to pin her down, Lopez managed to get out of it, giving Downey 3 more points.


Downey continued their winning streak until the ninth match at which point Warren took the point lead. Ariana Reyes, 11, expresses her thoughts on the Lady Vike’s technique during the matches.


“Their strongest points were their speed and conditioning,” Reyes stated. “Also, how they all encouraged each other on and off the mat.”


Wrestler, Stephanie Carrillo, 11, who won a match against her opponent, explained how satisfied she is with her and her team’s come back this year.


“I definitely feel so happy and satisfied with my team’s accomplishments today.” Carrillo stated. “I’m so happy we came back this year strong.”


Carrillo was not the only one who feels that her team came back stronger. Adam Yanes, 10, who is also a Downey wrestler was impressed with the Lady Vikes this year stating, “Their the strongest team I’ve ever seen.”


Throughout the entire game, the Lady Vikes encouraged and congratulated each other even in cases where Warren had the lead on them. Downey took the win against Warren 42-27. Their next game is on Tuesday, Jan 22. against Dominguez High School.