Downey Highs’ Reaction to World Series

Lizzy Martinez, Co-Business Manager

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros fought for the World Series title in a series of seven games.  Dodger and Astros fans witnessed the historical game in which the Astros took home their first World Series title. Yet, these games also marked the return of the Dodgers in the World Series whom have not qualified since 1988.


Some of Downey High’s very own avid Dodger’s fan felt proud to see their childhood team go to the Series. Dodger’s fan Julia Alamillo, 12, has been a fan since she was a young girl and spoke about watching her favorite team play.


“ It was a dream come true for me to watch the team that I grew up watching make it to the World Series. I knew they [Astros] were going to be a tough team to beat, but I never lost faith in the Dodgers,” Alamillo said. “ But one of my favorite things about baseball is the excitement and the amount of support people in LA showed towards the Dodgers, even from people who don’t like baseball. I loved seeing everyone at school wear their jerseys.”


Dodgers had Downey students dressed in the signature blue and white on game days. Linda Caspar, 12, is also a passionate Dodgers fan that supported her favorite team throughout the seven games.


“I was happy to see my team got to the Series because of their record being so good all season,” Caspar said. “ I didn’t pay much attention to the Astros as being a possible opponent, but once I saw that they never game up throughout the seven games, I was astonished. But I knew the Dodgers would put up a fight as well.”


Although many Downey students and staff rooted for the Dodgers, there were other students who also saw that the Astros would be a tough team to beat. Alex Reyes, 12, has been a fan of the Dodgers since he was a young boy and saw what a challenge winning the World Series would be.


“ I was excited to watch them play because the Dodgers haven’t gone to the World Series in almost 30 years,” Reyes said. “ I was not surprised to see the Astros win because they are a young and strong team. But both teams really worked for the title which you could really see on Game 5.”  


The Dodgers won the very first game with a score of 3-1, but the opponent defeated them in the second game with a score of 7-6. The Astros went on to win the third game with a score of 5-3, thus giving them the lead in the series. The fourth game was a victory for the home team with a score of 6-2.


The fifth game came and the Astros and Dodgers played a tight score game. As the home team made a home run the opponent would score right after, and vise versa. The win went to the Astros with a score of 13-12. This gave the opponent a lead in the series.


The sixth game determined if the Dodgers would take the Astros to a seventh and final game or if the Astros would win the World Series. Both fans of each team were nervous to see their teams go head to head. The home team  won the sixth game with a score of 3-1 bringing them home for the final game.  


Mrs. Hill’s, Downey High’s AP Language and Composition teacher, brother-in-law, Scott Akasaki, is the Director of Team Travel for the Dodgers and spoke about the emotions she felt being at the games and experiencing the World Series.


“The games were a lot more emotional than I expected. The games reminded me of Downey’s football games because my husband is head coach of our school’s football team, and my brothers and nephew have played on the team so football games are very emotional. So, having my brother-in-law being the assistant coach made it feel as if it’s more than just a game,” Mrs. Hill said.


Mrs. Hill also spoke in regards to other emotions she felt while being at the game and how she could relate it back to Downey High because the Series was during Downey vs. Warren week.

“ Being able to sit with the players’ family also made it very emotional. Yet wasn’t about having faith in the Dodgers, it was about be seeing things like seeing how my brother-in-law and sister are affected and how much work they out into it. Winning our football game on Friday night then winning again the fourth game in the series to then a loss in the fifth game was an emotional high. It was  hard to gather my feelings.”


The last game was hosted in Los Angeles and the final score was 5-1. The Astros won 4 out of the 7 games naming them as the 2017 World Series Champions.