Kelechi Ikejiofor: Senior Long Jump Record Holder

Allie Gurrola, Jesus Chavez, Writer, Photographer

On March 9, the Downey High School’s track and field team competed at Bell Garden High School. Senior, Kelechi Ikejiofor, competed in long jump and triple jump. After her last jump of the night, Ikejiofor’s highest jump was a 17’8”, setting the new female senior record for Downey High School in long jump.


“Last year is when I started jumping, and I was jumping what like 15 or 14; then I heard the record was 17 and I was like ‘No way’,” Ikejiofor said. “Then I started working towards it and I was like most definitely I’m going to.”


Ikejiofor wanted to become a jumper during her sophomore year, but actually started jumping last season as a junior. At the time, she was only jumping between 14 and 15 feet. After practicing and competing for a year, she was able to reach 17 feet – 17’8” to be exact. At the beginning of her jumping career, Ikejiofor did not believe she would reach 17 feet, but set her mind to it and was able to reach her goal.


“I noticed that Kelechi is very determined at what she does. She simply just chose to be the best at whatever she did,” Chiamaka Ikejiofor, 10, said. “She’s very dedicated to her sport and does whatever she can to improve even further.”


Breaking the school record was a very memorable moment for the senior jumper. She was able to prepare herself and had to set the mood in order to break this record. She had the record in mind and was ready to break it with the support of coaches, her sister, Chiamaka Ikejiofor, and  her best friend Taylor Gupton, 12.


“I’ve know her all 4 years and she really has progressed so much, she has always been a hard worker and been dedicated,” Taylor Gupton. “She just proved how good she really is.”
Not only is Kelechi Ikejiofor a 2 event jumper, she also competes in the 4×1 relay and the 200 meter, but hopes to continue in college as a jumper. Ikejiofor is confident she will pursue and impress during the meet against cross town rival, Warren High School, on Thursday, April 13.