Boys Wrestling Goes to Masters

Allie Gurrola, Writer

After competing on Feb. 17 and 18, the boys varsity wrestling team was crowned CIF champions, along with individual winners, Jonathan Prata, 11, Dilan Ajtun, 11, Armando Padilla, 12, Roland Dominguez, 11, and Nicholas Arellano, 12, taking 3rd place.


Armando Padilla, 12, a four year varsity wrestler and four time league champion, was able to take his skills to Masters and take 9th place. Padilla was competing in the 138lb weight class during CIF, and was able to redeem himself from last year, the four year athlete was able to compete in CIF last year, but lost in the last 20 minutes. Winning as an individual and 9th in Masters was a big accomplishment.


“I don’t know what words can really describe the feeling of winning a title as an individual and winning as a team other than, ‘AHHH’,” Padilla said. “ For me as an individual it was amazing, it was a big redemption year, and then for a team we made history.”


Roland Dominguez, 11, was able to receive his 1st and 2nd ring this year, he placed 1st in league, 1st at CIF and 6th in Masters. The junior competed in the 120lb weight class and put in more work and effort this season than the season before.


“This season I went to other wrestling programs and practices, and I was really looking forward to competing against people this year,” Dominguez said. “I enjoyed winning CIF as an individual the most this season, I was really looking forward to it.”


During his third year of varsity wrestling, Jonathan Prata, 11, and receiving two rings in his previous seasons, Prata was presented with three more rings this year, one for CIF, Masters and State. After losing to Eddie Flores from Northview High School in Masters, Prata was able to come back and beat him in the final round of State with a score of 8-1.


“Taking CIF individuals as a team and by myself felt like a major milestone in my wrestling career,” Prata said. “It felt like all my hard work and dedication had payed off and I would like to thank all my coaches that put time in me and believed in me.”
Overall the Boys Wrestling team had a successful season and hopefully will be able to keep it up for next year. Although they will be losing many seniors, the incoming class will be a great addition to the team.