The Girls Are Ready To Kick Off Their First Wrestling Season

Melissa Estrada, Section Editor

At the end of last year, the first ever, all girls wrestling team was created at Downey High School and is now made up of about 25 members led by Coach Soto. Since then, the athletes have been practicing in order to ensure that they have a successful first season.


As this is their first season, the team expects there to be bumps along the road but through practice and perseverance, they believe that they can come out victorious.


Angelica Fregoso, 12, explains how she believes that her team will be able to overcome any obstacles that come in their way.


“There will be challenges throughout the season because injuries and other unfortunate obstacles are inevitable when it comes to sports,” Fregoso stated. “However, I have faith in every member of the team to exercise the ability to unite and overcome every adversity we face.”


Since this is the first all girls wrestling team at school, these members are ready to break society’s expectations and show that they can also succeed in a male-dominant sport.


Jessica Gudino, 12, describes the mentality that she and her teammates share in order to feel inspired.


“That won’t stop or hurt our mentality because there are so many women and young ladies that have defied odds and have accomplished things that people have thought only men can,” Gudino stated. “If people want to view us differently, they can, but they will definitely be surprised at our team and what we can do.”


Each athlete had a different motive for joining the wrestling team. From having a second family to strengthening themselves, wrestling has been an outlet for the members of the team.


Brianna Garcia, 10, explained why she was enticed to join wrestling.


“I decided to join the wrestling team because I had problems going around with my family so a way to take out my personal problems was through wrestling,” Garcia stated. “Wrestling is challenging because it physically pushes you to gain more strength.”


All their training will be put into practice when they officially commence the wrestling season on Dec. 3. They are ready to make their first season a memorable one and set a record as the first members on the all girls wrestling team at DHS.