The Football Season Continues

Allie Gurrola, Writer

The journey for the Downey varsity football team continues to post season in CIF, and after coming short last year, the Vikings are seeking revenge. This season they finished with a 9-1 record, and took the title as the 2016 San Gabriel Valley League Champions.


“I’m really excited; you know this is my senior year so I wanna go out with a ring,” Nathan Kentros, 12, said, “and I’m just really excited for this. I can’t wait.”


Not only are the defense and offense putting in work, the bond the team has is certainly a big help. The new slogan “Team is Family” helps represent the relationship between the boys; the Vikes believe their connection as a team this year will help lengthen their journey to the championship.


“We click a lot more this season. Last season, we had a lot of good athletes,” Senior, Andrew Vodicka, said,  “but we weren’t as close as we are this year, like I can actually truly say we can call each other family.”


Big league teams have a pregame ritual to get them in the zone and so do the Downey Vikings. Before every game, big or small, it’s important to get ready mentally. If you’re prepared mentally, then physically you can get the job done. The Vikes prepare with film, quiet time, and then a pregame prayer.


“About an hour before we have quiet time, which means we just sit in a dark room and just think about the game,” Captain Eli Garcia, 11, said. “Then after that we come to the Bell Tower. When Vikings are coming to battle, they ring a bell to tell them, ‘Hey, we’re coming for you’.”


The varsity Vikings were able to win the first round of CIF against the Damien Spartans with a score of 55-27. They continue on to round two against the Charter Oak Chargers on Nov. 18, at Downey High School 7 p.m.