Dodgers Clinch and Scully Retires

Allie Gurrola, Writer

As predicted by fans, the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched a spot in the playoffs on September 25th against the Colorado Rockies. What was not expected was how emotional the game was.

Because of  shortstop, Corey Seager’s game-tying home run, the game was theirs. Charlie Culberson then hit a walk off homerun to win the game, 4-3.

Our very own Kyle Vazquez, 12, was able to witness the game himself.

“You could tell everyone was into the game, every single pitch,” Vazquez said. “As soon as Charlie hit the homerun, you could just feel the energy in the stadium.”

Although the team is winning, fans are still waiting to see if the Dodgers can keep it up when it matters most.

Trevor Hill, 12, who has been a fan of the Dodgers for quite some time now, is ready to see what the boys in blue have to offer.

“This season isn’t different at all,” Hill said, “we do something in the playoffs,”

Now that the baseball season is slowly coming to an end, fans are getting ready for the retirement of play-by-play announcer, Vin Scully. Not only Dodger fans, but fans and MLB athletes from other teams are dreading Scully’s last game.

Baseball fan, Alena De La Torre, 12, grew up in a Dodger loving household. She has grown up with Scully’s voice.

“I’ll miss the famous ‘It’s time for Dodger Baseball’,” De La Torre said, “and the stories he would tell of the players.”

With October starting, MLB becomes more interesting, and with a team like the Dodgers who keep their fans on the edge of their seats, the end of the 2016 Baseball Season will finalize just as the fans expect, as World Series Champions.