The Paramount Pirates Walk the Plank

Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer


Downey High’s varsity girls basketball team competed against the Paramount Pirates at Paramount High on Feb. 11 at 5:15 PM. The girls scored a victory in their last conference game with a landslide win of 56-19.


The game began with Downey winning opening tip-off and scoring a three point shot by number 2, Isabel Coss. From the very beginning of the game the girls dominated Paramount, allowing them to score only seven points by halftime.


Isabel Coss, 12, was sure Downey’s opponent was not going to be a difficult one.


“Paramount isn’t a strong opponent,” Coss said, “because they haven’t beat us in the last 4 years.”


Danise Herrington, 11, was positive her team would have a successful game, however, she did not want to predict the outcome of the game.


“I’m pretty sure we’ll win,” Herrington said. “We need to beat them, but I don’t want to jinx it.”


Throughout the game Downey commanded the court, never allowing Paramount to score. They played excellent defense, getting rebounds and steals. The Pirates made a handful of lay-ups, however, many of their points were free throw shots.


Victoria Lopez, 11, reflected on the great performance of her team and notes that from the beginning they had to get into the swing of things.


“I would say that the beginning of the game was important,” Lopez said, “because it set the energetic tone that continued throughout the rest of the game.”


With a landslide win the girls basketball team improves their league and overall records to 6-3 and 17-8, respectively. The girls have gone onto the playoffs and won their first home game versus Rancho Cucamonga on Feb. 18. They will continue their journey in the playoffs.