It is in your blood


Monique Munoz

At the varsity lacrosse game vs. Palos Verdes on March 4, captain Nick Farina, 12, defends the ball from the opponent, making a goal. “Over forty different colleges have scouted me this year,” Farina said. “I have decided to go to Adam State in Alamosa, Colorado.”

Norma Flores , Sports Editor

After 6 years of learning to play the sport and developing his skills, the varsity lacrosse team captain, Nick Farina, 12, verbally committed to Adams State University on Feb. 24,  and will be signing on April 17.


“I had many schools offering me to play for them,” Farina said, “I would say about 40 schools, but Adams State I felt offered me the best opportunity to pursue my career in business or political science as well as continue playing the sport I love and get enough playing time as a freshman.”


At the age of 12, senior Austin Weisenburger introduced the fellow Viking to the sport and began playing in the Dino local club team.


“Nick was my friend,” Weisenburger, 12 said, “and I wanted him to be part of the same sport I was in, so I told him about Dino, and six years later, here we are, seniors still playing together.”


Farina’s week consists of approximately 30 hours of practice in four different clubs as well as his high school team. Divided between field lacrosse and box lacrosse, which is hockey and lacrosse put together, Farina has maximized his opportunities to be prepared to play at the college level.


“Lacrosse is a game derived from the Native Americans,” Farina said, “it’s something that is in your blood; once you start playing you just cant stop.”


The Viking’s participation in club team LA All City Lacrosse has given him game time experience as well as opportunities to get in contact with many of the universities that recruited him. The Los Angeles Lazers,  the most elite in the lacrosse circle, gave him the experience to be competitively prepared when playing Division 1 recruits and teams ranging from San Diego to North Carolina.


“I have been playing with Nick for a few years now” Bryant Hernandez, 12, said, “and I like that he’s the captain of the team. I know that if I need help with any skill he’s the guy to go to.”


As a senior, Farina has the opportunity to play with both of his brothers, Austin Farina, 12, and Spencer Farina, 9, who are also on the Downey team.


“Nick and I have had the opportunity to play together on the high school team for two years now,” Austin Farina said. “I think this season is special because it’s all three of us playing together, which is definitely different because there is some chemistry, but we still need to work on the field.”

Before beginning to play for Adams State, Farina must finalize his season as team captain and veteran of the Vikings team. His next game will be on March 18, against Huntington Park, at 5:00 p.m.