Girls soccer begins season on a bad note


Dribbling across the field, junior Krista Velasco attempts to keep the ball away from the Lakewood Lancers, on Dec. 1, at Allen Layne Stadium. The Lady Vikings started off the first pre-season game with a loss of 3-0.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

During their first game of the winter season, the girls varsity soccer team lost against the Lakewood Lancers with a score of 0-3, at the Allen Layne Stadium, on Dec. 1.  Captains Jasmine Medrano and Alexandria Oropeza animated the girls as they headed to the field to face an ambitious opponent.

“I knew Lakewood is a good team and that it would be a challenge for us since we hadn’t beat them in a few years,” forward Cindy Rodriguez said.

Lakewood quickly took possession of the ball breaking through the midfield yet had trouble penetrating through the Viking defense.  The Lancers made the first attempt, shooting just wide of the net.  The home team was quick to respond as forward Cindy Rodriguez broke through the visitor’s defense.  Rodriguez chipped the ball over the goalie providing a long pass to forward Lucy Martinez, who missed the ball and forced a goal kick.

With the ball back in their possession, the Lancers bounced back to attack, this time swerving past the defense and shooting towards goal.  Viking goalkeeper Adrianna Salazar was able to put her hands on the ball, but a slip of the fingers found it in front of the Lakewood offense, who was able to tap the ball in past the goal line.

“The first goal always brings the team,” defender Andrea Rodriguez said. “We just keep telling ourselves that the score is still 0-0 to get our mentality up.”

Both teams made their way back to midfield to start the game once more. Inspired by the lead, the visitors continued to pressure last season’s CIF finalists as they made their way towards the penalty area.  Salazar attempted to grab the incoming shot, but, once again, the ball made its way into goal.  The Vikes fell behind 0-2.

Godfrey’s girls were awarded a free kick just outside the area.  Defender Kelsey Aparicio took the shot aiming at goal, giving no problem for the Lakewood goalkeeper to grab the ball.

The Lancers returned to the field after halftime stronger than before.  They had various goal opportunities shooting either just wide or above the net.  Midfielder and forward Claudia Lopez provided the Vikes with an opportunity as she broke through the opposing defense but hesitated and missed the goal as defenders began to swarm around her. Meanwhile, the visitors responded with a strong offense as a final strike from outside the area left the home team behind 0-3.

“[This game] taught us what we need to work on, how we need to communicate, how we need to finish, and how positive we need to be,” Aparicio said.

The CIF finalists remain optimistic as they continue to fight throughout the season. They begin the new year with an away game against Saint Joseph on Thur. Jan. 5.