Girls volleyball thinks pink

Girls volleyball thinks pink

Camerynn Chase, Writer

The Lady Vikes dominated the Warren Bears Tuesday, Oct. 19, during the Volley for a Cure home volleyball game to help support the fight against Breast Cancer. The Downey varsity players won the first sets in a row with scores of 25-15, 25-12, and 25-14. Breanna Alcantara and Heather Schnars were just two of the stars of the night, stealing the spotlight and helping lead the team to victory. After the game, the girls were ecstatic about their success.

“The cause was very important to us because the team knows people that were diagnosed with Breast Cancer,” senior Lara Guttierez said. “We just came together as a team and handled our business. We haven’t beaten Warren that badly in a long time.

The feelings were mutual for Coach Sims.

“I’m just so proud of my girls and how they handled themselves on and off the court for this event,” said Sims

Mrs. Sims, the driving force behind the Volley for a Cure game, wanted to end the heated rivalry after last year’s Downey -Warren game when the fans became too disruptive and security had to intervene. Even if it was for only one night, during this year’s game it didn’t matter if you were red and gold or blue and white; both schools came together to raise money for a good cause.

Mrs. Sims was inspired with the idea to “Pack the Place Pink” after seeing a t-shirt that said that very headline. So the volleyball girls sold pink t-shirts for ten dollars and pink ribbons for one dollar with the hope that everyone at the game would wear pink. The intention was to raise $5,000 for the non-profit Side-Out Foundation in which various volleyball teams play to find a cure for Breast Cancer.

“We were hoping that no one would recognized it as going to Downey or Warren. Everyone will be as one wearing pink.” Sims said.

One of the major motivators behind Mrs. Sims persistence in raising money to help find a cure, was her girls. Her goal was to get the girls more involved in something that would impact their lives.

“It’s special knowing that I’m contributing to something so big. I feel good about doing my part,” sophomore varsity player Makayla Taylor said.

Mrs. Sims wasn’t the only teacher involved in raising charity money; Mrs. Cordova’s advanced photography class took pictures and sold bracelets, Normaneers sold drinks and baked goods at the volleyball game, and ASB volunteered their time at the snack shack. Even the referees donated their paychecks. All proceeds went to Breast Cancer research.

The most memorable moment taking place at Tuesday’s game was when the whole stadium stood up and clapped for the attending survivors of Breast Cancer, among them being Economics teacher Mr. Glasser’s wife. All in all it was a good night for those participating in the charity event. It’s estimated that over $5,000 was raised bringing the world one-step closes to finding a cure.