Blood Drive 2023: Here’s What to Know

Daniel Aguilera, Writer

Annually, we have hosted a school-wide blood drive for our students to give back to the community on the 31st of March in the school gymnasium in collaboration with Cedars Sinai.

To give blood there are only a few rules and restrictions for any curious donators. Such restrictions include students having to be 16 or older, though if they are 16, they are required to have a guardian-signed permission slip and be over 135 lbs. Students that are 17 and older do not need permission slips but are required to be over the weight of 110 lbs.

Although it may sound arbitrary, the reason there are restrictions on weight for blood donors is due to the fact that generally, adults under 110 pounds cannot tolerate the loss of that volume of blood. For the donor’s safety, these precautions are vital, and Cedars Sinai acts to ensure all donors’ safety.

Aside from height and age requirements, there are other precautions that are taken to ensure the blood drawn can be used. If someone who is curious and hoping to donate is under some sort of medication or treatment, please check here to ensure that it is safe for them to donate.

If you or anyone you know has any questions or concerns regarding the blood drive, you can reach out to any active ASB member, or check out Cedar Sinai’s public website to see all information.