Let Your Imagination Fly

Sabrina Picou, Editor-In-Chief

The Stay Gallery hosted an event for Downey elementary school students to exhibit their art at the gallery on May 16. Students created their artwork to the theme Let Your Imagination Fly.


Ana Godinez is the curator and youth coordinator of the gallery; she shares what the program was for.


“Reflections is a part of a National PTA program that encourages and celebrates student participation in arts and education,” Godinez said. “We showed work from kinder -12 grade: music, literature, poetry, and dance.”


The gallery had parents and the student artists viewing the art on the day of the event. Linda Saldana is the PTA President for Price elementary school.


“I came to support our school,” Saldana said. “We have three of our exhibits that won first place for the district and it is just so awesome for the kids to be able to come and see their work in an actual gallery. I think this makes it that much more attainable for them in the future.”


The event was a free walk-in exhibit. Students, citizens of Downey, and parents were welcome to come in and enjoy the young artist’s work.


Seventh grade student from Griffiths middle school, Alyssa Durate, photographed her brother for the exhibit.


“I got to be creative with taking the photo that I took in New Mexico at a hot air balloon festival,” Durate said.


Parent Shirley Lara, tells how this event was beneficial to her son and the other student participants.


“This motivates them to get into programs and it helps him with his self esteem and to not be shy about expressing himself through art,” Lara said.


The next event at Stay Gallery will be the Then & Now exhibit for Downey Unified middle school students on Thursday, May 26, from 5 – 8 P.M. which will exhibit two – three dimensional artworks.