Might become a habit

On Sunday, Nov.16, from 5-7p.m., The Habit, located next to Downey High School, has its pre-opening to raise funds for school athletes. The restaurant was filled with longs lines to help, since all the money raised that night was donated to DHS.

Mia Dixon-Slaughter, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

On Sunday, Nov. 16, the newly built restaurant, The Habit, that now neighbors DHS, held a fundraiser at their grand pre-opening. A percentage of the proceeds went to the Downey athletics program, but the main goal of the event was to get people to try their famous char burger and to build up the anticipation for their official grand opening that would take place later in the week.


The Habit’s first restaurant was built in Santa Barbara in 1969 where it debuted their well-known char burger. The char burger is a pound of ground beef grilled to an almost crisp well-done patty. Fresh tomatoes, American cheese, mayonnaise and a mixture of cole slaw like lettuce are placed on top of the patty and enclosed in two toasted sesame buns. The burger also comes in a double patty version called the double char burger.


Senior Preston Medina enjoyed the charbroiled burger at the pre-opening, as he always has since he first tried The Habit.


“I have always liked the burgers from The Habit,” Medina said. “It’s one of the best places to get burgers to me.”


The Habit has gained a significant amount of recognition from students since its chain of events leading to the grand opening. The restaurant has been hosting events for charity, fundraisers and even selected times where they give out free food to promote their meals.


Senior Aryana Dantic attended the free food event at The Habit on Saturday, Nov. 15, to get a taste of the new burger joint.


“It’s a nice environment in there,” Dantic said, “and their food is bomb so that’s a plus.”


The burger restaurant is rising to popularity amongst the student body. Some even believe that it will become the next hot spot to go to after games and one of the new favorite places for students to get a gourmet burger.


Senior Joseph Navarro believes The Habit will be a really popular restaurant among the students.


“I think a lot of the crowd that sits in Viking Nation, who all go eat out together, will really enjoy it,” Navarro said. “All the guys love Burger City Grill but maybe The Habit can top BCG.”


The Habit held its grand opening on Wed., Nov. 19 and is expected to have a large set of customers ready at the door to try the famous char burger for the few weeks to come as the excitement of the new restaurant continues to build.