LGBTQ+ Club New Leaders

The rainbow alliance, formerly known as the LGBTQ+ club, has new advisors supporting the club as well as a brand new president and vice president running the club for the 2019-2020 school year. The club now meets every other Monday after school in Madame Baca’s room R-23. Madame Baca and Mr. Crerie overlook the club while Jezzebel Rodriguez,  11, and Jalena Littlewhirlwind, 9, direct the club. 


 Rodriguez enjoys how the club allows for LGBT youth to meet others like themselves and make new connections. Members of the club are able to form bonds with individuals they may have not met otherwise and become comfortable with them. She dedicates herself to the Rainbow Alliance, making sure she is at every meeting and has been since she began attending DHS. She did not expect to take the position as president of the club this year but gladly did so.


“It’s cool meeting new people and seeing other people like me.” Rodriguez states.  It makes people happy and brings us together.”


The Rainbow Alliance not only gives LGBT students at DHS a safe space for those who do not have anywhere else to express this part of themselves, but plans to give back to the rest of the LGBT community by doing fundraisers to go to pride parades and help out LGBT centers. An upcoming event they intend to attend is the Models Of Pride event on October 19, 2019.


Rodriguez carries an optimistic attitude towards the club, this helps her not worry too much about the future of the club. Rodriguez describes the atmosphere of the club as “chill and welcoming.” She knows this will keep members coming to meetings along with the feeling of comfort and unity she claims the club gives members. 


Littlewhirlwind  joined the Rainbow Alliance as a way to try to accept herself and explore her own sexuality, something she had notreally done before. This makes being the leader of The Rainbow Alliance a new and exciting experience for her.


“The most exciting part is getting to know everyone so well,” Littlewhirlwind said, “they start to express themselves more once they are in the club.” 


It is very common for LGBT youth and adults to be harassed and even assaulted for being LGBT, this is why Rodriguez and Littlewhirlwind keep the club going and believe it is an important club to have at DHS. 


“A lot of people get teased for be LGBTQ so it’s a place where they are safe.” Little whirlwind states. “We respect everyone regardless of gender or sexuality, The Rainbow Alliance allows you to be yourself and not get judged by what you’re doing.” 


The Rainbow Alliance remains at DHS to give support to LGBT students and allows those who are not LGBT to be able to support them as well. They wish to include allies of the community as well as be an ally which is why they have changed their name to the Rainbow Alliance. 


Every other Monday in S-23, the room becomes a meeting ground for The Rainbow Alliance. Students here are able to let their guard down a little and hang out amongst teens just like themselves.