Downey vs. Warren Spirit Week

Lizzy Martinez, Co-Business Manager

This year’s spirit week kicks off on Monday, Oct. 23 with Meme Day Monday, followed by Throwin’ It Back Tuesday, then Wild ‘N Out Wednesday, and then Warren Wimp Thursday, which all leads up to Viking Pride Friday. This week of full of activities planned by ASB in effort to have the student body and staff show school spirit.


ASB plans this particular week with weeks in advance in order to work out the details and stay organized. ASB Pep/Spirit/Assembly Commissioners Milena Medal,12, and Simran Rai,12, work together to have the school and students decked out in school spirit.


“We wanted to think outside the box and think of days we haven’t done before,” Medal, 12, said. “Like Meme Day Monday is a way in which we can reach out to today’s millennials and get them into school spirit, by doing something they like.”  


ASB approach to this year’s spirit week is to find innovative ways to involve our student body.


“We’ve planned these days weeks in advance to have everything run as smoothly as possible and we are very excited to see everyone participate,” Rai, 12, said. “We’ve promoted it all over social media and made a video to explain the days so everyone gets it. We want everyone to have fun with spirit week.”  


ASB is working on putting on a spirit week for everyone in the school to enjoy leading  us to the long awaited rivalry game. The goal for ASB is to hype up the students and show the spirit Downey has.


Monday rolled around and students dressed up as trending memes. Miguel Ceja, 12 was the meme “Salt Bae”.


“I wanted to show my spirit by dressing up as one of the memes I find funny [“Salt Bae”],” Ceja,12, said. “I honestly was inspired by looking at the memes I use often and which one was the easiest to wear to school.”


Tuesday was a throwback to past decades and students dressed up as their favorite one. Decades ranging from the 1920s to the early 2000s were seen all across campus. Alexandra Sepulveda, 12, dressed up as her favorite decade for spirit week.


“I like the 1920s because of my love for the Great Gatsby,” Sepulveda said. “I like the motifs and the symbols and I feel like we can all relate to The Great Gatsby a little.”


Wednesday consisted of students dressing up according the a safari/ jungle/ tacky tourists theme. Students wore animal prints of all sorts, and many students dressed up as tourists. Jaime Placencia,12, wore a tacky tourist outfit in order to contribute to Wednesday’s theme.


“I wanted to be the stereotypical ‘Disney Dad taking my kids to Disney,’” Placencia,12, said. “ When I heard we could be a tacky tourist I knew I wanted to represent all the Disney dads out there.”


Thursday was our annual Warren Wimp Day in which the students dressed up in Warren attire and showed to an extent how tentence our rivalry is. Warren wears Downey attire and calls it “Downey Dork Day” which in a sense both schools make fun of each other in a playful banter. Andrew Cabrera,12, participated and wore a Warren suit with shorts and floaties along with the outfit.


“My inspiration for Warren Wimp day was to go all out because not only is it my second year here at Downey, but it is my last, and it is something I like to do with my friends to show our school spirit,” Cabrera,12 said. “My favorite thing about today is that not only do a couple of people do it, but a majority of the school participates making it fun to do.”


Friday is Viking Pride Day and students wear their Viking attire to celebrate the big game day against Warren High School.


This year the game was at Warren High School. The Vikings took victory with a score of 27-48 on Oct. 27 against the Bears signifying the end of Downey vs. Warren week. The week showcased not only the rivalry between the schools, but also the spirit in both schools.