A special thanks to staff


During both lunches, teachers gather in line for food at the garden in honor of Staff Appreciation Week on November 10. Football players gave their jerseys to their favorite teachers as a sign of gratitude for their hard work.

April Rios, Writer/Photographer

As a special thanks to all faculty, ASB organized Staff Appreciation Week from Nov. 7 to Nov. 10, in which teachers and personnel were spoiled with compliments and catch phrases on colorful posters all around campus. The personalized signs, such as “Mr. Houts is Houtstanding,” gave each teacher or staff member a sense of thank you from the student body.


On Monday Nov.7, each teacher was given a thank you note written by students. On Tuesday, ASB students brightened the morning of all staff members with Café a la ASB, which served coffee, juices, donuts, and bagels. The students welcomed every staff member with cheers and claps, sometimes embarrassing the teachers.


“I appreciate that, but it is a little embarrassing,” said Ms. Hill.


Following Tuesday’s breakfast came a luncheon in the school garden on Thursday. At the luncheon, the teachers and staff mingled and ate tacos in each other’s company, something that is not always possible for some of them.


“ I enjoy having the opportunity to talk to other teachers and students,” Mr. Coe said.


All around school, students seem to be thankful and appreciative of all staff and teachers. They are supportive of the event and really believe it is necessary.


“I think teachers deserve it. They work very hard and are committed to what they do,” senior Arturo Amaya said.


The teachers enjoy the care and acknowledgement that the student body gives them. They seem to relish the personalized posters and the events they are spoiled with throughout the week. But most importantly, the students appreciate and thank all staff and teachers and really put an extra effort to convey that throughout the week.