During the second week of March, Downey High School dedicated a full week in regards to Mental Health. Sofia Rodriguez (Left), 12, and Tyler Hanks (Right), 12, spent their lunch in the Writing Center for a Meditation Session on Monday, March 9th. “I love the idea of Mental Health Week because it can help me and my peers out,” Hanks said. “When there’s a big test, I get really anxious but I try to think positive and tell myself that it’s only a test.”

Lukas Luna and Arely Macedo

Downey High School’s mental health week was kicked off on Monday, March 9, with a meditation session held in the writing center at both lunches. Students were provided with mats and chairs to help them relax while an audio meditation guide played. The event was one of the first envisioned for mental health and its high attendance was a pleasant surprise for the event organizer, senior, Mike Rojas.


“I think it [the meditation session] turned out great,” said Rojas.  “There were a lot of people, it filled out more than I thought it would. It even got to the point where we reached max capacity and had to turn away people.”