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Arely Macedo

Arely Macedo, Photographer

As her time at Downey High draws to a close, Senior Arely Macedo hopes to finish her fourth and final year on the school’s track team on a strong note. With an eye for photoshop, Macedo joined newspaper at the insistence of her photography teacher and she hopes to capture a side of Downey High that is rarely seen with her pictures. 


With no plans for college, Macedo plans to jump straight into the workforce as a real estate accountant. “I don’t really want to continue with school and that [an accountant] is a good job you can get without a college degree,” Macedo said. “My family has also been in that field of work for a while, so I have some experience.”  

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Downey resident Andrew Esparza shares how Covid-19 hindered his career plans.

Covid Hinders Career Plans

Arely Macedo, Photographer
May 22, 2020
Truck driver Robert Garcia shares how covid-19 has altered his work experience

Covid Coercers Kindness

Arely Macedo, Photographer
May 9, 2020
During the second week of March, Downey High School dedicated a full week in regards to Mental Health. Sofia Rodriguez (Left), 12, and Tyler Hanks (Right), 12, spent their lunch in the Writing Center for a Meditation Session on Monday, March 9th. “I love the idea of Mental Health Week because it can help me and my peers out,” Hanks said. “When there’s a big test, I get really anxious but I try to think positive and tell myself that it’s only a test.”

[Photo] Meditation

March 10, 2020
While showing her Vike Vibe, Kaylee Valencia, 12, was donating blood for the first time ever. “All my friends did it last time and I told myself I was gonna do it the next time and I did,” Valencia said. “Yeah I was nervous, but it’s for a good cause so I went with it and I plan on doing it again.”

Saving Lives

Arely Macedo, Photographer
March 5, 2020
The Commissioner of the CIF Southern Section, Rob Wigod, came to Downey High School to talk to the 1,300+ student-athletes about “Pursuing Victory with Honor” on February 13. “I came to talk to all student-athletes to make them aware of the strong impact you [they] have on any younger/upcoming student-athletes,” Wigod said. “If a child comes to your game and sees the determination and persistence in your performance, what do you think that child will do? They would want to be like you one day.”

CIF: Victory with Honor Assembly

Arely Macedo, Photographer
February 20, 2020
The Downey High School’s Dance Team showed off their skills on January 25 at the USA Dance Regionals. One of the team captains, Juliana Rincon, 12, made sure to do her part throughout all the dances. “I had to prepare myself mentally about a week prior to competition,” Rincon said. “I feel so many emotions before I’m about to go on, mostly nervous, but I know win or lose, I’ll always have my squad.”

Downey Dance Regionals

Arely Macedo, Photographer
February 5, 2020
Student Skaters

Student Skaters

Arely Macedo, Photographer
January 27, 2020

Downey vs Camarillo Playoffs Game

Arely Macedo, Photographer
December 1, 2019
The Downey High School varsity football team end the season with a loss to the home game against the Camarillo Scorpions. The Vikes managed to make it to the second game in the playoffs and ended up with a final score of 27-28 on Friday, Nov. 15.

[Photo] Power For Periods

November 20, 2019
Following tradition, seniors, Jenna Meza (Left), Natalie Mejia (Middle left), Julian Yepez (Middle right), and Isaac Corella (Right) dressed up for Warren Wimp Day for their last time. “I honestly felt so sad when it hit me that this would be my last Warren Wimp Day,” Meza said. “Spirit Week has always been so much fun and I’m so lucky to have such a hyped student body.”

Warren Wimp Day 2019

Arely Macedo, Photographer
November 15, 2019

Fall Blood Drive

Arely Macedo, Photographer
October 31, 2019
Loving what she does, self-taught artist, Linn Rangel, founder of ‘Spicy Panda Stickers’, is excited to set up her booth for LA Comic-Con 2019. “Long story short, my back is broken and so I’ve always wanted to become an artist, but I can’t carry my art with a broken back,” Rangel said. “So then that’s when I thought of stickers! I can put my art on stickers, and that’s basically how this all started.”

[Photo] Comic-Con 2019

October 29, 2019
Mr. Kraus, Gaming Club Advisor, is ready for this year’s Overwatch tournament and hopes to see his gamers give it their all throughout the entire competition. “I hope [gamers] face some bumps and bruises as they organize themselves and take control of their own experience,” Kraus said. “My sincere hope is that they’re more mature and more self-aware.”

Overwatch Tournament

Arely Macedo, Photographer
October 18, 2019
Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs

Arely Macedo, Photographer
September 23, 2019
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Arely Macedo