I Can Make Your Hot-line Bling

Beatrice Peña , Staff Photographer

From homecoming proposals to marimba ringtones and even to Spanish covers on Twitter, the legendary Drake has done it once again. “Hotline Bling” dropped in the summer on July 31, and has had an immense impact on people around the world and via social media. Drake, being one of the top contemporary artists in the world, has yet to fail when it comes to his singles, trying to keep his music legacy coming up with the popular line “I know when that hotline blings, that can only mean one thing.” This song is relatable to the younger generation because the song is about changing for the better of yourself and not for the other person. He even managed to “wow” his fans with the single cover. The cover looks aesthetic, being baby pink with white letters saying “1-800-HOTLINEBLING”. Overall, the song has yet to drown in the mainstream pool.