Song of The Week: Morrissey’s “Spent the Day in Bed”

Dennise Reynoso, Writer

World renowned musician, Morrissey, also known as lead singer of the popular 80s’ rock band, “The Smiths,” released his 11th album since going solo in 1987. The record, released Sept. 18, was tilted “Low in High School”, which was Morrissey’s way of naming the album after its core focus: the youth and the struggles they face in their everyday lives. His goal in making the album was to call attention to all those feeling, “academically or spiritually low in high school…directionless and hopeless.” These songs were therefore created to provide some semblance of direction. One particular song called “Spent the Day in Bed” does just this.  The song boasts about the mundane repetition of work and emphasizes the importance of taking a break to tear yourself away from the confines of societal expectations. In the midst these lyrics lies an equally important message. During the chorus, he croons how one should refrain from watching the news as it serves to only, “…to frighten you / To make you feel small and alone / To make you feel that your mind isn’t your own.”  His message is not meant to create a distrust towards the news as someone might take the lyrics to mean at first glance. On the contrary, Morrissey is trying to draw attention to the way most react to the news exposed to them on a daily basis, news that serves to promote hysteria for views and clicks, taking advantage of the divisive and worrisome political climate. His critique that the news was controlling the public’s mind serves as warning to his listeners that news will always try to convince and persuade, yet it is up to them to sort through all chaos and think for themselves. In typical Morrissey fashion, political commentary and an upbeat tune alongside melancholic lyrics makes the song an outstanding track. Morrissey is currently touring throughout the US.