Pewdiepie’s New Beginning

Abigail Gonzalez, Writer

Pewdiepie, aka Felix Kjellberg, is one of the world’s most-known gaming YouTubers who started his platform in 2010 and has been making videos ever since. Over the years, he has accumulated millions of fans- 111 million to be exact- who all love and support him. In 2011, Felix met Marzia through their mutual online friend, in which they began to email each other back and forth. After a couple of months of communicating online, Felix and Marzia decided to meet up for the first time and he decided to get a plane ticket to Italy, where Marzia had lived. They continued to meet each other back and forth while taking turns on who gets a plane ticket to see each other. Marzia went to Sweden while Felix went to Italy. They soon began to date and Marzia abandoned her studies in Italy to move in with Felix in Sweden. Now 12 years later, they are expecting a child after settling in their new home in Japan. 


Many fans have been anticipating this new baby for quite some time, but no one knew when it was going to happen. On February 5th, Pewdiepie uploaded a new video with the title “We’re having a baby!” and many fans ran to social media expressing their thoughts on it all. I interviewed two people at our school to get to know some of our local fans’ reactions. 


Alex Martinez, 10, says, “His recent YouTube videos have contained a lot of vlogs of him and his wife in Japan with their new puppy “Momo. They have always wanted to move there and now they are starting a family. It’s really exciting to see them have a private lifestyle after the fame died down.” 


Isabela Molina, 12, says, “As someone who has watched Pewdiepie for my whole childhood and something that I continue to tap into, I truly am excited for this new chapter into Felix and Marzia’s life. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had the ability to open up YouTube and just laugh and enjoy Pewdiepie’s content, so truly nostalgia ties into it. Seeing these two people now create a family of their own is the ultimate success.” 


Although these people have not met Pewdiepie, he has created emotional connections and a safe space for people to go to.